Seasonal Recipes

Midnight Hopmare Black IPA

Do not be fooled by the silky smooth mouthfeel, this black as midnight beer packs a whole lotta hop kick. Piney and resinous, with slight hints of citrus, but boasting a robust roastiness from the dehusked black malts used. This is the- ‘Really’ Dark Side of Good!

Waes Hael

Inspired by the old Nordic and English tradition of Wassailing, this beer boasts a malt forward flavour accentuated by cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, all spice, ginger root, and roasted apples. Deep dark brown in colour, and low in IBU, the Waes Hael inspires Yule Tide blessings, and offers a hearty reprieve from the cold weather. Best enjoyed slightly warmer than other ales. May you raise your cups high and Waes Hael! (Be You Healthy!)