The heart of Bad Tattoo lives in our brewery. Interested in seeing how our amazing beers are produced? Reserve a spot on our brewery tour and watch the magic unfold by calling us at 250-493-8686.

What you’ll see on the tour:

  • 108 ton Grain Silo that holds our base pilsen malt along with all of the specialty malts that help create the different kinds of beer.
  • Boiler room with a 500,000 BTU capacity
  • Hot and cold liquor tanks that hold 8000L each
  • Grist mill that cracks the malt so we can access the sugars.
  • Specialty designed 20 HL 3 vessel Brewhouse
  • Our heat exchanger that cools boiling wort from 97 degrees Celsius down to 14 degrees Celsius at 100L/min
  • Tank farm that consists of 10 separate fermenters for a total capacity of 40,000 L of beer.
  • DE filter that filters down to 3 microns
  • 4 Bright tanks that holds our finished beer ready to package
  • 2 bottling lines that we use to bottle 355ml glass and aluminum bottles and 650ml bottles
  • Keg washer and keg fillers
  • Tap room keg fridge and hop fridge
  • Our Giant walk in fridge with the finished product.